Psychobionomy is a general system that aims to discover and apply laws governing the mind.  The system’s label represents a combination of the Greek words ‘Psyche,’ which means soul or spirit, ‘Bio,’ meaning life, and the suffix ‘-nomy,’ which has the dual meaning of arrangement and law

Psychobionomy aims to discover, arrange, and utilize the laws of spirit and life.  In tandem with discovering laws, the system seeks to develop guidelines for the individual human being to define and achieve their goals in life. 

Psychobionomy provides the theoretical foundation and framework for all of KV Petrides’ theories, including, Trait Emotional Intelligence, Belief-Importance, and Radix Intelligence.  The system is summarized in the illustration below.

Example scientific reference: Petrides, K. V. (2019). A conceptual application of Psychobionomy to the field of personality and individual differences. Personality and Individual Differences, 147, 135-143. [pdf