PhD applicants

PhD students are an integral part of the Laboratory and have access to an extraordinary range of equipment and resources.

The Department of Psychology at UCL is the birthplace of differential psychology and psychometrics, and is associated with, among others, the father of psychometrics Francis Galton, the first systematic psychometrician Charles Spearman, Cyril Burt, Hans J. Eysenck, and Raymond B. Cattell.  If you are interested in pursuing a PhD in the laboratory, please follow the procedures described here.

Research visitors

Academics (including PhD and post-doctoral researchers) wishing to visit for a short period of time to work within the trait emotional intelligence program, please contact us by email.  The Department is located in central London next to Birkbeck College, the UCL Institute of Education, the British Museum, and the library of the University of London, which holds the collections of the British Psychological Society. So far, we have had visitors from Belgium, China, Lebanon, Pakistan, Spain, Italy, Georgia, Greece, and Turkey.