Scoring the TEIQue 

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TEIQue and TEIQue-SF

It is now possible to score your TEIQue datasets (TEIQue and TEIQue-SF) automatically on-line. The scoring engine is located at the bottom of the website. Below, you will find detailed directions for using it. Follow these directions very carefully to avoid mis-scoring your data.  Please do not email us with requests for additional directions unless absolutely necessary.

How to use the TEIQue scoring engine:

1. Download the appropriate Excel file (TEIQue or TEIQue-SF).  You must use the system’s Excel template to enter your data, rather than create your own.

2. Enter your data into the template.  

  • You must ensure that your dataset does not have missing values or data entry errors.  
  • All TEIQue responses must range between 1 and 7.  No other numbers or decimals are allowed.  
  • The scoring engine does not handle missing values.  Any missing values should be replaced with the middle value 4, except for cases where more than 15% of the values are missing.  We recommend that such cases be dropped from the file.  Alternatively, if you use missing value imputation procedures, ensure that they do not introduce decimals to the file.

3.  Once you have processed your file, correctly upload it to the scoring engine, which will then produce a scored Excel file with scores on the TEIQue variables.

4. If you experience any problems with the scoring engine, please report them in the comments. Please note that this is solely to help us monitor the engine. It is unlikely that we will respond to individual queries if the engine is working correctly.

TEIQue 360°

TEIQue 360°

The TEIQue 360° has to be scored at our end.  Enter your data into the SPSS template here and email the file to this address.

TEIQue 360°-SF

The TEIQue 360°-SF can be scored according to the scoring key of the TEIQue-SF, which can be accessed from here.

TEIQue 360°-FB

The TEIQue 360°-FB provides direct ratings on the 15 trait EI facets, so it does not require a scoring key, except if you’d also like to group the facets into the four trait EI factors (Well-being, Self-control, Emotionality, and Sociability) in which case, please follow the key below.  You can derive a total score on the TEIQue 360°-FB simply by summing up the ratings on the 15 facets and dividing by 15. 

Welbeing = (hap+opt+est)/3  .

Self-control = (con+imp+str)/3  .

Emotionality = (emp+per+exp+rel)/4  .

Sociability = (man+ass+soc)/3  .

Other TEIQue forms

At present, all other TEIQue forms will have to be scored at our end.  If you are using a form that cannot be scored on-line, please email here for directions.  Please note that we do not score single-case files nor do we provide feedback reports or access to norms free of charge. Also note that we will only score a single file per project.  We will only score batches of additional responses, pilots, late questionnaires, for a fee.