Technical Manual for the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaires

The fourth printing of the technical manual for the family of Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaires (TEIQue) is available for purchase.  We dispatch worldwide soft (electronic pdf) or hard copies.  To download the table of contents click here. To order, email

B/W edition: £29.99 (package and postage included), Full Color edition: £39.99 (package and postage included), Full color pdf version £49.99.  Payment is accepted through Paypal, check, or direct deposit.

If you cannot afford the technical manual or only wish to see some basic information about the psychometrics of the TEIQue instruments, the article below may be sufficient for your purposes.

Petrides, K. V. (2009).  Psychometric properties of the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire.  In C. Stough, D. H. Saklofske, and J. D. Parker, Advances in the assessment of emotional intelligence. New York: Springer. Doi: 10.1007/978-0-387-88370-0_5 [pdf]